We will give you creative freedom when it comes to restoration, you could restore a machine back to original or you could do a totally custom machine. It is your machine, so it is your choice. If you’re interested please take a good picture of the front & back of your machine plus any other areas that are problematic or unusual (the more the merrier). Then send us an email at  and what you wanting to get done on your machine.

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Full Restoration

Includes standard cleaning and polishing, adjustments, and restoration to functionality. All the mechanics will come off and be cleaned thoroughly, and front plastics and metal will be polished. Also, electronics will be tested and repaired; and the playfield graphics will be replaced. The entire playfield will be stripped and sanded smooth, and then sealed. The original graphic design or a custom one will be created in high resolution with vibrant colors. All pins will be removed and polished, and features such as spinners will be touched up /repainted as required, along with details on other playfield attractions. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

We also offer extras to add to your machine such as feet for free-standing machines, wall cabinets, and ball catch bins. Available for an additional charge.

Please Note:  Some plastic pieces that were chromed by the factory and have severely deteriorated may not be able to be restored to like new condition. Chromed metal components such as front playfield frames may exhibit severe pitting or peeling, and can be re-chromed or replaced (if replacements are available) for an additional charge. Also please keep in mind that these machines were generally not designed to last for more than one year, and were subject to a great amount of wear in the parlors, shipping to the US, resale, and storage. There are practical limits to the level of perfection in any restoration project, but we will do our best to provide the best restoration available. Also note that some machines may be beyond repairable and be declared for parts, therefore we will give you possible options of buying a different machine from us or possibly having us switch in the center to another machine.

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