What is Pachinko?

Pachinko is the game of Japanese pinball. It is like a combination of a Plinko board and a pinball machine. It is played vertically because space is worth a premium in Japan. The machine is played with steel balls instead of coins like most arcade machines.

When did Pachinko come to the US?

In about 1975 Pachinko was booming in Japan, and machines were being replaced almost every year. Many companies decided to buy up all those machines and import them to the US. The companies included Pachinko Palace, Pachinko Factory, Sutra Imports, Meshulam’s, Link & Pan, and Target Abroad. Then they were sent to retail stores around the US like Pier 1 Imports, Woolworth, Sears, The Akron, and K-mart. Typical selling price for a machine with 300 balls was around $40 in 1975.

How many balls and what type do I need?

Typically a minimum of 500 balls is needed to get a machine functioning properly. Most machines will be able to hold up to 1000 balls and will run for a long time with that many. The balls are 11mm in diameter and are made of solid hardened steel that is then chrome plated. If you want, click the link to see how they are made. http://www.satotekkou.co.jp/en/company/tour

Who are the different manufacturers of pachinko machines?

The list is very long. Many companies were interested and only decided to build machines for a few years and then pulled out. Also, there are many companies that are sub-divisions of other companies so it is very confusing. But the main manufactures are Nishijin, Sankyo, Sanyo, Daiichi, Heiwa, Ginza, Maruto, Maruhon, Mizuho, and Masamura.

What are the different types of pachinko machines?

There are many types of pachinko machines. There are single shot machines, where the player has to manually load each ball individually. There is the Model A, which is a recycler because it reuses lost balls so attendants wouldn’t have to refill machines often. There is the Model B, which is the main type imported to the US where it was designed to be compact. There is the Model C, which was designed to have motorized center features and adjustable payouts. Then there are early modern machines, which have motorized centers and are heavily packed with electronics. Then there are the moderns, which have LCD screens and are more electronics than machine.

Can you tell me more about my machine?

Sure! Our website is a wealth of knowledge but sometimes you might not find the information you are looking for. In that case feel free to send us an email at Pachinkoboy1@gmail.com and be sure to include a picture of the front and back of the machine and any questions you have.