About Us

Welcome to Pachinko Boy .com!

You might have formerly known us as Never • Ending • Pachinko well now we have moved and upgraded. We have been doing more business lately and getting better with each machine we do. So that means a new website with a new look. We wanted to keep our website very professional looking while still making it fun and enjoyable just like the game of Pachinko! Our little guy that you see everywhere on the site is Takumi which means mechanic in Japanese. I decided to create him in a 16-bit fashion as right when pachinko peaked is when video games started to be introduced, and at the time almost all video games were 8-bit or 16-bit. Anyways, I hope you enjoy Takumi and his little parlor and remember to check back often!

If you’re interested here is how we ended up restoring machines.

From left to right: Mark, Mario, & Max Faiman.

We are a small father and son hobby group based that was based in Orange County, CA and moved to Greenwood, IN. Mark (left) handles the restoring of machines. Mario (center) works on our website. Max (right) works with designing most of the backgrounds, and also designing specialty parts. We got into pachinko with one as a gift. That single machine eventually spiraled out of control and we caught what we like to call the “Pachinko Plague” Basically this is fairly typical with most people who get their first machine. It starts with just one machine and then you go on a mad buying spree and end up buying several. Next thing you know you have 6 machines in your house. However, our case is a tad worse. We first bought a lot of 4 machines. Then about a month later I saw a lot for 60 machines for sale. It was a great deal at the time so we went up and got it. That really set us deep in the hobby. Even after buying that huge lot we still went after lots of 2 and 4 machines. To date, we have over 105 machines in our inventory and still buying.

Now with our massive inventory, we are restoring and cleaning machines and putting them back out there on the market so people can join this worldwide hobby. Our goal is to try to make a machine look as best as it can with what we have to use. By no means is it an easy thing to restore a machine. We end up putting over 40 hours of work into a single machine. Also by no means will you get rich; with the amount of work we put into a single machine and with the price we sell them at we aren’t making much. This really is a labor of love to give nice machines back to people out there and maybe recreate someone’s childhood.

We hope you enjoy and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.

-Mark, Max, & Mario Faimanpachinko boy man