We have just finished this restoration of a Nishijin New Monroe #2 from about mid 1980’s. The Monroe machines were the first Pachinko to feature an adult theme to the center feature where she puts on a sexy show time. The digital counters in the center also winks at you!!! Monroe’s a flirty one!!

The play on this machine is quite fast paced once you hit the fever mode. First, you have upper pockets and outer tulips that provide a single payout. Then you have the #1 lower pockets, those provide a payout and cycle the hanemono arms one time to open the center feature. Next you have the #2 center pocket and the GO pocket. If you get a ball in the GO pocket, it will pay out and open the tulip for about 15 seconds. Then if you get the ball into the tulip, the tulip will pay out and cycle the hanemono 2 times, greatly increasing the chances of entering the fever mode.

Now once the balls enter the center, if one drops into the V Play Zone center pocket it will trigger the fever mode and Monroe really starts to pay out and then takes her dress off.  The center feature will trap and hold balls for about 5 seconds, when released if a ball hits the V pocket again it will continue the fever mode and she will strip fully. If the balls don’t make the V pocket, it will go into a last chance mode where it doesn’t trap the balls but does give you a chance to reenter the fever mode. Watch the video, it will give you a show!!

The machine has been stripped down to the backboard and a new playfield graphic has been installed. There is a slight difference in the colors from the original due to the original printing process we could not duplicate. (There were some day-glo dyes used on the original) The backboard was built back up with brand new pins and all the components were cleaned and polished. The center feature was partially disassembled and cleaned and polished as well. The front plastics has some fading, but those have been polished back up to a shine, and the chrome is in great shape. The back was fully cleaned and serviced and all bulbs checked.

We also have reworked the lock and made it functional and are providing a new key. The lock has rotate left and the frame opens, rotate right and the machine door opens. So this can be placed into a wall mount cabinet with no issues. The frame of the machine has been stained a rosewood color to bring out the red in the frame material and cleared with urethane, and it will come with black hardwood feet and a ball bin support. And for this machine we are including a ball bin kit but balls are not included. You will need at least 1000 balls to support the fever mode. These machines were designed for auto-fill parlors so they will go through a lot of balls. Shipping within the 48 US states is included, other areas and international ask us for a quote.