Hey all of you hep daddy’s and cool kitties, it’s Tiki-Time!!! We have had the idea for this machine for a while now and finally got the chance to put it together. Using Mister Retro’s Snappy Hour program we bring the retro cool art of Derek to a pachinko machine! If you are not familiar with Derek’s art, go take a look at Mister Retro. It’s way cool daddy-o!!

We amped up the tropical theme in the 60’s Tiki style to tie it in perfectly with your Tiki Bar or game room. This machine already had the chrysanthemum feature theme, which we felt could work nicely with the Tiki motif! Max placed the art in spots to minimize getting chopped off by the features and to make it pop. A sure conversation piece to add to your bar and challenge the winner for the next round!

The machine is a Tokyo made 1971 Nishijin, which is rarer as they only had the Tokyo factory for only a couple of years and then they closed it down and sent everything back to Nagoya. And there are some differences between the two factories. This machine was stripped down to the bare wood back & fully reconditioned. The playfield was replaced with a new vinyl background with Max’s graphics replacing the water stained paper original and covered with a 5 mil thick Mylar sheet to provide the same look and durability as the original, and the original certification tag was reinstalled on the background. Overall the new playfield with the original bamboo like color face frame with a brown mahogany stained frame really makes this machine pop.

Action features the chrysanthemum center feature where the first ball down the center will travel to the tulip and open the tulip, but at the same time it will open two side gates that will pay out and allow two more times of opening the tulip. The other payout points are 2 outer tulip pockets that open the center tulip and 2 standard green pockets. This machine is a model A, so it recycles the loose balls so you do not have to fill the machine as much as the later models. This is a great unit to build into a cabinet, contact us if you are interested.

The lighting on the machine features win lights that light the center of the feature and the window of the payout mechanism, and the ball out light at the top left. The lights run on the original 9 Volt light system and the wiring has been replaced with new where possible and all the switches have been serviced. The machine includes a 9V battery set up.

All of the plastics and metal items on the front were cleaned & polished back to a high luster, and all of the original components on the back were cleaned & reused. The ball trays & front panel were cleaned & polished, including a full cleaning & clear seal coating of the ashtray. The pins have all been cleaned and polished along with the spinners being repainted so they look like new, fading & damage to the trim features was restored as best possible.

The chrome frame & front panel of this machine was in pretty good shape before cleaning, it’s been cleaned & polished up to a shine but if you look closely you can see some pitted areas. On the front ball tray panel, there is some very small signs of pitting but it is in areas that are not in a normal line of sight and it’s not quite as shiny as the rest of the frame. (The front panels were never chromed to the same thickness as the rest of the frames.) Overall it has a shiny but aged look that fits perfectly with the 40+ years this machine. It will include a new Acrylic front window panel, a glass panel can be added to quiet down the machine but is not included due to the difficulty of shipping glass.

The outer face of the machine frame has been stripped down & refinished in a color that was as close to possible to the original, the frame was refinished in a brown mahogany finish that provides a nice accent to the playfield. They both were then coated with 4 coats of UV protected polyurethane so it should stay bright into the future. It also features a functioning front lock with key so you can build this into a wall mount case and easily service the unit. The support frame was taken apart & re-glued and screwed back together to make it stronger than the original frame to support having feet installed.

We are including everything needed to start playing. The machine includes the following accessories: The key for the front lock, a hardwood foot set, 500 balls, and an overflow ball bin. It also includes two reproduction owner’s manuals originally provided to these machines by the Pachinko Factory and Pachinko Palace in the late ’70s. We will also include additional owner’s information on cleaning & care for the machine, and a CD with the photos & video of the machine being restored. Support is also included for any questions on the machine.

The sales price includes shipping within the 48 contiguous states by UPS Ground. Other areas contact us for a quote and pick up is welcomed if you are near the Indianapolis, IN area. The lights and switches have been fully serviced, but sometimes due to the handling by UPS of the machine in transit, they may need adjustment after shipping or the bulbs retightened.